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I’ve done it now …

Nothing to do, but … Um, actually there’s lots to do!  I’ll keep you updated as we bump along on this exciting ride of ‘boutique artisan’ partner … And, I’ll let you know what my friendly tax accountant has to say about… Read More

A few nights of studio playtime

Had a custom request conversation that has me playing in the studio.  First to make a large ‘hot cab’ and then to add a decal/screen printing area within … So, while it’s not in the requested colors – the first trial is… Read More

The Man from … NUNKE

So, long story short … we still watch Swamp People here at Clayton Hill (… and we still haven’t done any gator-hunting, and we’re STILL big Landry fans!).  This week, DH (actually) said HE would like someone to call him Nunke (however,… Read More