I’ve done it now …

Nothing to do, but … Um, actually there’s lots to do!  I’ll keep you updated as we bump along on this exciting ride of ‘boutique artisan’ partner … And, I’ll let you know what my friendly tax accountant has to say about my latest shenanigans.  But, for now … Holy cow, just … Wow!

boutique location

DH is being helpful and supportive.  We needed to add some display furniture, so he’s been traveling about lower Michigan all week picking up cabinets, shelving and armoires (oh my!) – gotta love craiglist!  And thanks to our youngest son, who lent some heavy-lifting/labor support … those items are now in the shop!  Here are some early photos.  Still lots to be done, but it’s moving full-steam ahead.  The plan is for an April opening … (Just – wow!!!)


So, back in the studio, I have a bit of work going: A new size/shape to the night lights are making their way out of the kiln in small batches (along with my sand dollar ‘bowl’).  The focal/image hot cabs are moving forward.  I’m prepping a few new molds for upcoming pieces, and I’m working through some design ideas that will incorporate Zen symbols and verre églomisé techniques  (à la P.Pettigrew-Stewart style/teaching) … in between some custom orders (no photo).

new night lightsnite lites and bowlfocal hot cabsprepping new molds

Next up – squishy face puppy pics.  And, we absolutely must start the tax prep.  I mean it this time, no more slacking! Winking smile

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