I love it …

When my plotter and I are in sync!  Working on pendants, night lights, ornaments and bowls … These are weeded and ready to apply.  I have a few ideas for sun-catchers and a mobile – we’ll see.


When my kilns are running double time:  Night lights and nite-lights and more …


When the count-down begins … Less than two weeks for the tentative Zen Artisan Boutique grand-opening …  So much to do.  Don’t panic.  I have a few more display items coming in from California and Illinois … I hope to ‘set up shop’  this week!  OMGosh!

When we have picture day with the pups.  My little buggers are four weeks old now, loving the ‘gruel’, think DH is pretty cool when he plays the guitar for them, and listen to every word I say – like it’s some magical, musical voice.  Awww!

chunktawny-4-wkspup 4 wks

And – these, along with a few other designs, arrived today.  Originally designed for the ceramic artist … time to see what a kiln-formed-glass-girl can do with them.  Cute!


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