The cup is more than half full … and it’s Summer

Had our weekly photo-shoot.  Sienna’s boys are showing signs of being ready for more sustenance (weaning).  Zonie’s babies have opened their eyes.  We have folks calling and visiting regularly – which means the maid is working double duty, but hey … it’s all good.  Look at all that squishy-love!

black female neo pup Sienna's tawny boy silly blue Neo pup

Have squeezed out a few hours for the studio, as I’ve been shipping packages too (LOVE THAT!).  Hope to get around to that coffin debubbling-load and etched glass-run tomorrow.  And my paintings are coming along (round 2 fusing as I type).  No new projects yet, but ideas are flowing …

blanks-8-12      Tigger-ornament-in-progress

Had company tonight, which meant home-made Bacon Roadhouse burgers (just like Rally’s/Checkers), sweet potato fries, cucumber salad and Pina Colada Dream Pie (except we used Coconut Cream instant pudding) – along with a great visit.

bacon roadhouse burger

Rounding out a good week here at Clayton Hill … AND, I still have tomorrow – with clear skies and SUNSHINE!  Now, if I could just get that maid to clean the studio!!!

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