On a roll – and then …

Glass-painted-ornamentsI was on a roll, feeling good(!) – UNTIL … But first, the good:

I got through the weekend(!), while taking care of some difficult, NEEDY patients  and families … (‘nuf said!)  I was able to get to sleep early Monday morning, allowing for some quality evening time – family (two-legged), romp (four-legged), and the STUDIO:

I have my painted glass in the kiln, setting as I type …

I put together the next large batch of badge reels; And even a few pendants … (hope to get some photos taken this week)

Dichro-badge-reels     Dichro-glass-pendants

But then – I tried to get tricky and put a pinch bail on my leaf pendant … Yeah, it didn’t go so well (DOH!!!):

etched-leaf-pendant    broken-leaf-pendant

That’s when I decided it was time to step back, watch some Sherlock (BBC series – LOVE IT!), and HAVE A BEER!


This week is ‘Get-the-Twins-Ready-to-go-BACK-to-School-Week’!  I don’t know if they are ready, but I AM!  ‘Course it means Mom’s Taxi has a busy week ahead …

mom taxi

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