Dogs = Good Therapy!

Crummy day!  Started with a wake-up SANE call … yeah, my favorite.  Spent way too many hours ‘debating’* with police agencies on behalf of my patient, ending several hours later with a temporary ‘truce’ – before I start again tomorrow … [*one never ARGUES with the police]dog-therapy

And while I came home drained of any creative energy for the studio, my four-legged kids helped cheer me up – with love, kisses and Lots of SLOBBER!  Once my call (shift) ends, we’ve all earned a glass (or two) of wine …

(BTW – that’s Sienna, Olivia, Zonie, Zeus, Tess, Maggie and Yoda Kei … the rest of the gang was lounging and/or chasing the ball)

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