I’m on VACATION!!!

A working vacation, but still … As I sat yesterday morning, nursing my after-work ‘night-cap’, DH [lovingly] said, “You look tired.”  And it’s true, I was – physically tired.  But mentally, I’ve been creating list upon lists of things I want to get done, should get done and NEED to get done over these next 2 weeks.  I’ve also been furiously writing/sketching ideas in my glass book – I can’t wait to get started. 

WWU – Kicked my arse[!], they did:  Our ED director worked this weekend.  While I like/respect him, and enjoy his sense of humor … he’s a ‘Sh*t Magnet’!  But we got through … assaults, lacerations, fevers, abdominal pains, complex patients, possible spinal cord emergencies, Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome (???) … transfers/admits, ambulances … OH MY!  When I can keep up with (and occasionally stay ahead of) his lightning-fast thought processes and orders, I always learn something new!

But it’s over … for the next 12 11 glorious days!

My latest coffin slump was successful (only a couple of bowls I will re-slump/re-work).  New glass items to photo and add to the shops:  And my three ‘square’ bowls are done:

slump-results-6-9-12     square-bowls

kaiserglassMy glass seminar (first glass class ever) is this week.  Four days of learning new techniques … all during day-walker hours.  I AM excited, just not about the A.M. part.

I have a few on-line work competencies thrown in for FUN … and it looks like summer (weather) has finally decided to come to Michigan!  (Umm – POOL TIME!!)  I’ll leave with a cute pic of Olivia, ‘standing guard’ as only a Neo can … Time to get busy


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