The calm before the storm …

thCAHG1W8ZSo, the kids are officially on summer vacation.  They’ve ALREADY started talk about things we should do, buy and partake in to ensure they’re properly entertained this Summer … Oy Vay!  This started right after I asked them to remove the 80 pounds of back-packs and school papers from my counters, couches and stairs.  At least they’re not bickering … YET!

After cooking/serving my heathens  a healthy dinner, romping/playing ball with my four-legged brats and watering my garden … I promptly escaped to my studio.  Knowing I needed time to refocus [yeah, that’s code for calming down, finding my ‘Zen-ness’, becoming maternal – or at least friendly …], DH left me alone.

I made some progress with my frit/mosaic load.  Everything is drying for the next round.  I’d like to get them in the coffin this coming week, but we’ll see.  I made a Shamrock night light, cuz – I felt like it (and according to my grandmother, I’m Irish … no one else in the family knew that when I was growing up – WTH???); and, I grouted my ‘busier’ rose plate:

shamrock-nitelite     mosaic-rose-plate

I also finally got the coffin loaded with my slump-run.  We’ll see tomorrow how she turns out.  [Fingers crossed for some nice bowls and spoon rests …]


But then – I had research time … Time to scour the internet and see what’s out there.  I’m quickly becoming fascinated with sand-blasting.  I think I’ve found some new supplies/equipment that I just can’t live without.  But, you know – it’s just the research phase … the calm before the storm.  Winking smile

And I’ve got just one more weekend at work to get through (again – calm/storm) before I’m off for 12 days, AND take my glass classes.  Who knows what kind of trouble will find me then?!?


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