I’ve got the bug …

Well, actually I have TWO … the cold virus (BUG), as some lovely child felt compelled to sneeze into my face at work this weekend …

But – what I’m talking about is I’ve reacquired the web design/developing bug … About 5 yrs ago, I got it, and taught myself enough to develop and run a site of our Neapolitan Mastiffs … Now, with blogging, my etsy and artfire shops and trying to customize them … I’ve caught that bug again.  ‘Course it’s 5am, so that particular bug may go away once I sleep … but I don’t think so … I want to learn all about CSS, SQL and php – doesn’t that sound FUN?  I think I’ve found the book (900+ pages), but instead of getting it online – I’ll pick it up at Borders so I can flip through it to be sure …

Meanwhile – I hope to get back to Delphi later today or tomorrow.  But work in the studio continues … did some picture taking and uploaded a few pieces to the shops tonight.  John wrapped another pendant.  A new blank came out of the kiln today.  A couple new rough pendants.  And, I’ll probably fire up the coffin with more wine bottles later today. 

Streaming Colors Nite-Lite Green Cheese Tray
Cobalt Blue Wine Bowl Goblins n Ghost Bowl
Wire wrapped pendant Stormy Clouds blank
Rough pendant 'I See Angels' rough pendant

Had a mishap with the saw … John broke the blade – guess it’s good we’re planning on heading back to Delphi for a replacement … not sure what we’ve done wrong, as they’re supposed to last 6-9 months ‘EASY’ … it’s only 2 months old.  Ohhh well – it’s only money, right?

Our oldest son turns 16 this week … and gets his braces off later this month.  An exciting time, and yet – it makes me feel old.  🙂

John surprised me – he’s talking about doing craft shows … as they’re all on weekends – and I work every weekend, my help will be minimal to non-existent … we’ll see … We used to do them years ago (3 jobs, 2 houses ago), but stopped when the twins were born (they’re 13 now), and he used to complain about the set-up/take-down … I, on the other hand LOVED them.  We’ll see …

Alright … I’ve lost the battle with sleep tonight – I need to be at the prosecutor’s office in just over 2 hours (for my other job – the DARN  SANE thing).  Insomnia and a cold – not a good mix for health!  😦

And – since I seem to be gearing up for the holidays – I’ll leave you with my latest mosaic ‘creation’ … our Christmas tree, made of photos over the last 5 yrs (in this house) … Smile

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