Keeping up with ideas … dealing with disappointment

We went to our area glass supplier yesterday … always an exciting (and expensive) day. Brought home some really fun ‘soon to be’ projects and supplies – the most exciting of which is silver clay … I can’t wait to get my hands on it … but I’m going to have to … the kit that we bought is the wrong one and I can’t put it in my kiln … Drats! Looks like I’ll be heading back to Delphi next week …

And on that disappointing trend, pulled my larger ‘Goblins and Ghosts’ bowl out of the kiln to discover major heart break … The bottom split! My guess is the blank started to drop too fast, which amazes me, as the kiln heats up achingly slow … I suppose I could re-slab it, but I’m so bummed, I don’t want to … I think I’ll take it to work and donate it to our nurses station break room …

Lg Goblin & Ghost bowl Split

On a more upbeat note … did finish some very nice projects (see below) … and I’ll be firing up the coffin using some of my new molds …  I also got my Artfire store up and running … more time at the computer, but it’s good.  (

Silver and Pinks  Amethyst and Emerald Spoonrest  Mod Heart Badge Reel  Nite-lite

Now it’s time to get ready for work … see whose life I can make better …

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