So – I had decided I wanted to make some themed magnets – and have thus started “Magnet Madness” in the studio … It started as a simple-enough idea, but now my fingers are numb from spending so much time at the grinder, my manicure is all but shot … yep, MADNESS it is … but I think they’ll be cute!

The first picture shows the images on their white backgrounds … sure are a lot of them … The second photo is as I was adding the background color pieces, and the third photo is ‘Round 1’ in the kiln … there will be at least two more trays … it really didn’t look like that much on the paper … 🙂 

 Step 1 Adding backgrounds (color) to the image Round 1 - in the kiln

Meanwhile – I’ve had some other things cookin’ (when my fingers still worked) … A wine magnum ‘dish’ and a new Halloween ‘slab’ – which will evetually become a bowl

New wine magnum 'dish'  Halloween 'slab'

And my latest finished night light … The camera isn’t capturing the iridescent flower petals well … it’s very pretty.  🙂

Night light  Another angle

And lastly, our completed pendants … hope to get things listed up to our Etsy shop soon … (

  Blues, greens, gold  Pinks, purples, gold Orange/rust, blues and greens

I’d hoped to have everything done before starting my 12 hour shifts in the ER this weekend, but … Noooo – I have to show up to testify in court tomorrow – EARLY in the A.M. (which I’m allergic to … both court AND mornings), will be celebrating birthdays with family tomorrow evening, AND I suppose the kids will want to be fed too … just no studio time DARN IT!  🙂

I’ll leave you with a cute pic of one of our recent babies … she’s 2 weeks old, cute as a bug and growing like a weed!  Her name is Betty, and she’ll be living in Georgia when she gets bigger … 🙂

Betty, the blue Neapolitan Mastiff

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