Did I mention …

I love my studio!!  It’s true – I do.  Even when experiments don’t come out as planned … it’s not as painful.  Smile

I just moved on to other projects, letting the set-backs ruminate for a bit … They’re almost cute – darn it!  Here’s the other stuff we’ve been working on this week: Wine bottle ornaments; future Christmas tree ornaments (you’d think I was working towards Christmas …???); mini embossed frames; a new night light/sun-catcher project; and DH’s latest stained glass window design (which will hang in our family room – ummm, by the pool table) … I do wish he’d move along, as I have so many other ideas for him!  Winking smile

experiment christmas-wine-ornaments dichroic-christmas-ornamentembossed-metal-mini-frames rose custom-stained-glass-window

I’m gradually working on photos for uploading to the shops … not my favorite activity!

Had some success in the kitchen, though – tried out a new recipe and the Fam gave it their ‘thumbs up’ (spaghetti casserole with cream cheese).  Oh yeah, it’s totally winter comfort food!  But, I doubled up on the vegetable side – to allow for the rice pudding finale … Gotta get through the winter somehow … Disappointed smile

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