Wow – Mother Nature is not happy …

As I look outside, seeing the snow blowing sideways across our yard … Brrrr!  I’d much rather stay in the studio today – but my other (real) job beckons … I do hope folks stay inside tonight!


I continue with my successes, failures and experiments in the studio … Here’s an update:  I ran the coffin kiln for new bowls, night light and vase/pendant lamp.  Oops – the pendant lamp (metal mold) ran too hot and the mold is now fused inside the vase.  Gonna have to bust it to get it out of there, darn it!

coffin-run-1-12 pendant-lamp vase-mishap

New bowls and night light:

new-bowls purple-night-light

My stamping experiment (success!); Here’s DH working on his ‘Pool’ window – disregard the messy studio behind him, please …; Spoon rests cut and waiting for firing.

mini-bottle-with-lips DH-workin future-spoon-rests-cut

Here’s what’s cookin’ in the kiln as I type – night lights/sun-catchers and that ornament (finally fit and glued together … amazingly tedious work for such a small thing, and CROOKED to boot!  Oh well – if it were perfect, it wouldn’t be mine) …


Once I get through the weekend, I won’t have much studio time next week.  As it’s February, it’s time to have Christmas with my dad … will spend the week preparing, with just a few hours stolen for the studio … Smile 

Time to get ready for work …

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