Postponed …

Christmas (with my dad) has been pushed back – his household has ‘the crud’ (URI).  And while I love him very much, I would prefer he keep that to himself (and my uncle is immuno-compromised due to transplant).  So … another week of playing in the studio! Smile

WWU – Steady but not painfully so.  Lots of the flu (‘tis the season) and extremity injuries … the ski slopes are most definitely open.  Our closest (named Mount Brighton) is lovingly referred to by our department as ‘Mount Broken’ – and seemed to be running a special on ankle/arm injuries this past weekend … But with 47 degree temperatures today – all the snow is going/gone, and we’re back to our mud-bog look at the house.  What a strange winter Michigan is having …

I wrapped up a knitting  project:  It’s a blanket (throw), 4’x6’ made of recycled silk (sari) yarn.  I love it, it’s surprisingly heavy and will be perfect for snuggling on the couch!  It’s my largest knitting project to date, and while it has some 25+ skeins – I kinda want to make another …

silk-throw       knit-silk-blanket

While I was working, DH was sending me quick pics from home.  Here’s a picture of our daughter hugging Sienna (one of our Neapolitan Mastiffs) … lending Sienna some blond hair!  Smile


I’ll be running some blanks for pendant lamps, plugging away at my experiments and (hopefully) wrapping up a custom order this week … so both kilns will be running.  Love that!  With the extra time gained this week, I think I’ll play with dye-sub and mugs – Oh, and maybe some soy candles …

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