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Wrapping up Christmas 2018 with lil Sis … Who is HOME!  And she’s snuggling with the bulldog pups (Pignacious and Clyde) … As promised, a couple of cute photos of the Neo babies, just after bath time!  We’re starting the transition to… Read More

Stencils and stamps and experiments …

Oh my!  First up – a few new slumped bottles in the works … Then a stamp platter I’ve wanted to work on for a while starting to take shape … So many stamps, so little time! And, my enamel experiment from… Read More

Postponed …

Christmas (with my dad) has been pushed back – his household has ‘the crud’ (URI).  And while I love him very much, I would prefer he keep that to himself (and my uncle is immuno-compromised due to transplant).  So … another week… Read More

A good week …

This week was just what I needed … although too short, as we’re already to Friday.  But, I have my weekly chores done, so I can play in the studio all day! Had a great night out with friends last night …… Read More

‘Just’ Good Care … AKA weekend wrap up

Played in the sister ER again this weekend.  Amazing to me the difference a few short miles can make … different patient attitudes, complaints – general auras … Also got to do a little bit of what I do well …  Had… Read More

Domestic Goddess …

Yep – that’s me.  At least today it is … I’ve cleaned the kitchens (both), scrubbed sinks and toilets (and beat the battle with the rust stains and whatever other things were in there???) … scrubbed candle jars (since I want to… Read More

Studio news … I’m on a roll

So it took some doing – a self-imposed time out, locked in my studio – but now I’m on a roll.  I have badge reels and nursing-specific ideas flowing like crazy, my production kiln is kicking, I have bottles soaking for scrubbing,… Read More