Domestic Goddess …

Yep – that’s me.  At least today it is …

I’ve cleaned the kitchens (both), scrubbed sinks and toilets (and beat the battle with the rust stains and whatever other things were in there???) … scrubbed candle jars (since I want to make more soy candles) … and cleaned my studio!  Wow … it must be Spring!

Got a few things listed in the shops; started another ‘pressed glass’ blank in the kiln; added to my growing collection of dichro cabs (almost enough to do a fire-polish round in the kiln); photographed more projects; paid bills … Now I’m beat, and ready for a glass of wine.

Yorkie News:  Yoda Kei is routinely terrorizing the adult Yorks – barking like a wild man.  Here he is … doesn’t look so much like the little heathen that he is … cute little snot!  He’s 4 months old today.

YK4mos       YK&Lou

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