My back, my SVU and my studio …

Spent the last several days working through my messed up back (not so much an old football injury, but something along those lines …).  So – maybe I’m not the domestic goddess I thought I was.  Better to plan things out and execute them SLOWLYSmile

Feeling (physically) better now though – which I am thankful for.  Since I had so much couch-time, I am thoroughly caught up with all crime scene shows … which brings me to today’s story:  Had the DARN SANE meeting today.  I wonder if it will ever cease to shock me (and while I hope it never does, I also don’t like feeling this way) … I live in a little podunk-farming-rural area.  svuI grew up here, moved away for a bit, and came back to raise my family here – not knowing …  Take the worst ‘Law & Order: SVU’ episode – and that is so very similar to what is/has actually happened in my community:  Parents, parental-authoritative figures, siblings, grandparents, neighbors, strangers … all preying on kids/young adults – in heinous, ‘Sybil’ ways … It takes me a bit when I walk out of those meetings to shake it off and accept that not all people are evil and in immediate need of arresting (or worse) … I don’t know how our local prosecutors, social workers and cops (with tasers and guns!) can handle it!

I was eventually able to turn my mood around by visiting my favorite glass-supply store.  We’ll call it early Mother’s day presents – all the new stuff I got.  More glass paints, molds, dichro, supplies – and of course, glass.  I have my eye on a lap grinder, but … since it’s the equivalent of a major house payment or two – I’m just drooling from afar … and saving my pennies.

I have my coffin-kiln running another de-bubble program for the spoon rests, night lights and recent blanks.  And, here’s my completed Nurse Plaque – just in time for Nurse’s Week.  Smile


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