Totally Psyched …

I had a great day yesterday … Started with getting a decent nights sleep (and I say ‘night’ lightly – I finally beat the battle with insomnia at 3am); SANE training for a new nurse in our program (LOVE that – as for too long, I was the only SANE nurse practicing in the county!); dinner with the Fam; my chicken books came …

Small side here:  Have I mentioned I love learning … it’s a whole new world – being a ‘chicken-keeper’ (- ‘Chicken-Mom’?) … DSC02904Not only do I get to plan/build their housing – complete with furniture(!), but there’s a lot of new terminology (pullets, cockerels, caponizing, bumblefoot … WOW!), diseases (different than human or canine), diets … And some unusual facts: weasels kill chickens to ‘drink their blood’; chickens actually love to eat (chicken) meat and eggs (it’s not good for them, but they like it!); you can (accidentally) SQUEEZE organs out of a chick when/if trying to determine their sex – and it won’t necessarily kill them (??? … I won’t be trying that, but – WOW!).  Anyway … very cool stuff!

Back to my great day:  Made some progress with learning/manipulating the coding (php/MySQL stuff) of my new website and Facebook account; had some productive studio time and ended the night with a new product idea.  I’m so excited, I can’t wait to work on it!

I’ll be hitting some stores later today for supplies to work on this new idea (Michaels, Lowe’s and a ceramic store in the area) and then I’m meeting with some old(!) and dear friends from high school for dinner …  Smile

I’ll leave you with a few pieces that came out of the last de-bubble run: (future) nite-lite, bowl and bowl:

night lite    Bowl blank    Bowl Blank II

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