Weekend Wrap-Up … There’s no place like home

Brutal weekend … high census, high acuity, lots of seniors [and their mandatory assessments], as well as kids and adults – and news flash:  flu season has struck AGAIN!!dshoes  It’s a personal thing I know, but … I will never understand people that prefer to have diarrhea in a public place (the ER), in front of strangers vs. suffering in the privacy of their own home.  So – a wonderful (and fitting) way for a nurse to celebrate Mother’s Day … cleaning up grown adults after stool incontinence … Fortunately, none of these folks gave me a gift (their flu) … Smile  But it’s over for another 5 days … and my aching back and tired feet are happy to be home.

mother's day

Speaking of Mother’s day … I came home to feel loved and special, as DH and the kids gave me a great coffee mug (that I’m considering having tattooed on my forehead), beautiful flowers and dark chocolate (my favorite!). 

I made candles last week – in light, summer scents (Summer Punch, Lime Cooler, Coconut Lime, etc.) … The studio smells wonderful!  (Please disregard the mess & dust – the maid and I need to have a long talk …)  And, I’ve kept plugging away with my blanks, and threw in a future marble bowl – just for fun … Should have a coffin slump soon!

summer soy candles        pansy blankskyblue marble bowl blank        marble bowl

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