Bun(s) in the Oven … and glass too!

Had a special request for some larger bowls … so, my kiln is kicking into over-drive as I put together what will be 14 inch blanks … each one takes over 5 pounds of glass, and with our particular technique … you never know what you’ll end up with … so, I feel like an expecting mom … patiently (yeah, cuz I’m SOOO good at being patient!) waiting to see what ‘comes out of the oven’ … Smile

I’m doing two ‘color schemes’ … the Planet Earth bowl and the Decadence bowl – but on a larger scale:

 DSC04394   DSC07938 

Meanwhile, I’ve re-cut, scrubbed and sanded more blanks for (yet another) de-bubble run in the coffin … here’s hoping they de-bubble and come out the right size this time …


I was going to try to be good.  Really, I was … But the darn glass companies keep sending me emails on ‘specials’ they’ve got going … so, we’ll be getting a glass package soon!  New molds, more enamels, and some special glass for another project I have in mind … DH went shopping at his favorite store (Harbor Freight) on Mother’s Day … so, I’m just getting an early Father’s Day present … Angel  (It’s scary – how easy I can justify …)

Speaking of expecting … we are!  My Mattie and Sienna are both pregnant.  We’ll be knee-deep in Neapolitan newborns soon.  The girls are entering the ‘big as a whale’ stage right now … I feel bad for them, which has me cooking up Neo-goodies in the kitchen (fat balls, cheesy eggs, liver, etc.) … God save my two-legged children if/when I become an expectant grandmother!  (No time soon, please!)

mattie      sienna3

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