Spockula … and glass

Poor, poor Zeus … DH was ‘intrigued’ with the idea of having a Neo with cropped ears … so, we had it done.  I’m feeling so bad for my little guy right now … He’s still an absolute sweetheart, but he looks ridiculous!  And the part that’s killing me – I love to grab hold of my Neo’s ears … He still has stitches in – so I’m hopeful that when the swelling goes down and the stitches come out, he doesn’t look so pathetic!  Such a silly thing to do to a poor little puppy!  And the thing I never realized … cropped ears means he’s going to have major issues with swimming or being outside in the rain!  He can’t hold an umbrella … my poor, poor Spockula!


I had it all planned out … I was going to spend yesterday ‘evening’ (about 10pm on …) playing with painting glass on glass.  But it was not meant to be … Instead, I spent my time on a rape case.  Got home just after 3am, too wired up – but not in a creative way – to sleep.

The great news … my large Decadence blank came out looking like peacock feathers … I love it!  Of course, I have to re-flow it, as it’s about an inch thick right now … but here’s what this stage looks like:


Meanwhile, my large Planet Earth II blank is in round 2 of re-flow … and my spoon rests came out great.  Time for a large slumping program …

It’s been a few months – so it must be time … I have a mandatory in-service for work  (ER) later today … I can’t wait to see what new procedure makes my job even harder to do … Disappointed smile

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