Kids …

The two-legged kind … Are they supposed to do more than give you grief? 

There are things that I accept … 1) I came from a crummy childhood – my birth mother is FAR from June Cleaver (more like Joan Crawford);  2) I’m an ER nurse and a SANE nurse, so I get to see a LOT of the worst of the worst;  3) My progeny are ‘fortunate’ enough to have two parents that are home most of the time (86%) …

With that out of the way … my kids still never cease to amaze me.  I’ve shared some in the past … but the latest – text messages that would put Nora Roberts to shame … Combined with the ever-present ‘messy bedrooms, not doing what you were (JUST) told, and constant sibling-bickering’ … I’m really starting to feel that I would have flunked ‘mandatory parental testing’ that I’m in favor of …

What I know … no one is pregnant yet; no one is using drugs; no one has committed any felonies; … AND – no one is living up to my hopes at this time.

My co-workers have heard me say – “God save us when the 20-somethings take over” … but I’m starting to worry about my off-spring as adults … Where did I miss the ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ that took over my children ??? … Oh – and summer hasn’t EVEN started yet …


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