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Back to “Rollin’ in the Deep …”

Oh yeah, it’s TOTALLY an Adele song … but it’s what I’m doin’.   My kilns (count them – TWO!) are BOTH running.  DH is sleeping, I’m wide awake … It’s what I’m USED to … My little Yogi-Bear is going to the vet… Read More

When all else fails …

Revert to what you love … for me, it’s discovering new hobbies (or spending money, according to DH)!  So, I’ve just placed an order.  I will be playing with the ‘art of papermaking’ … I’ve always had a thing for specialty paper… Read More

Kids …

The two-legged kind … Are they supposed to do more than give you grief?  There are things that I accept … 1) I came from a crummy childhood – my birth mother is FAR from June Cleaver (more like Joan Crawford);  2)… Read More