When all else fails …

Revert to what you love … for me, it’s discovering new hobbies (or spending money, according to DH)!  So, I’ve just placed an order.  I will be playing with the ‘art of papermaking’ … I’ve always had a thing for specialty paper (as well as all office supply ‘stuff’ – makes me wonder if I was a school teacher in some previous life …???)  Anyway – mulberry paper, vellum, beautiful papers with pressed flowers … I’m gonna learn how to make it.  And – you can add your own recycled paper to the pulp – so it’s a GREEN hobby.  How therapeutic is that … turning your credit card bill into handmade stationary?!?

handmade papers handmade paper and casting handmade stationary

And, I’ve discovered a few new glass techniques to try.  copper metal inclusionsI’ll be experimenting with some inclusions and enamels in the near future.  I’m also looking to enroll in a glass seminar in June.  It’s an A.M. class (OUCH!) – and it’s not cheap, but it looks to cover lots of techniques I’ve struggled with – so, we’ll see …

I still have moments of depression, anger, worry and heartbreak … but, I’m learning to live with it.  And while my back is still on fire, I haven’t erupted with any viral spots yet … It’s all good!

rays of sunlight

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