Internalizing – It’s what ER nurses do … ?!?

At least it’s what THIS one is doing … While I don’t hold a 4 year degree specific to psychology, I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on … I’m currently experiencing a full-fledged acne break-out – like some 13 year old kid – AND … I’ve been to the chiropractor twice this week to deal with the red-hot-poker shooting from my shoulder-blade/spine region [“Good news” – it’s NOT a slow-leaking aneurysm or tumor, as I secretly suspected] … I’m just waiting for the cold sores and/or shingle spots to BUST out – to complete the Quasimodo, pizza-faced-look I’ve got going for me – with some beautiful herpes-rash added for color [and pain]!  All because my Evil-Biologic lacks the ability to PARENT?!? 

NOT ACCEPTABLE!  Must figure out alternative stress relief – PRONTO!!!  I have to work tonight, and I fear in my present shape, I may scare some folks …


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