Back to “Rollin’ in the Deep …”

Oh yeah, it’s TOTALLY an Adele song … but it’s what I’m doin’.   My kilns (count them – TWO!) are BOTH running.  DH is sleeping, I’m wide awake … It’s what I’m USED to …

My little Yogi-Bear is going to the vet later today, as he’s scratching at his ears.  Not normal, and must be addressed …

I took a good idea yesterday, and RAN WITH IT!  If spending SOME money was healing, I AM SOOO HEALED today!  We bought another camera – for my Etsy/Arfire shops, cuz, –you know – it’ll make life EASIER.  Added a new air compressor (for DH), ALONG with my paper-making interests … and finally – a touch (1 tab) of Vicodin to my chiropractor appointment … And I AM feeling BETTER!  It’s all good (maybe not ADMIRABLE, but GOOD – and no ambulances were dispatched!!!)

I’m hoping to share some successful studio pictures later …  I’m on DARN-SANE call today – so, we’ll see!  I was just-about at OVERLOAD, but decided to ratchet things down … time for DH to pick up some of these pieces … Hmmm – WE’LL SEE …


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