Experiment Central …

I apologize for the poorly connected, flight-of-ideas-style of my last post.  Apparently writing (and proofing) while medicated isn’t the best idea …

My kilns have been busy (thus, me too) with experiments.  Some with promise, others – not so much.  But let’s show them off anyway …

One of my books (by Boyce Lundstrom) shows it’s possible to do a bit more with recycled bottles than I had previously realized.  Armed with this knowledge – I’ve been slicing up bottles like a wild-woman.  I almost like them  … It will require more experimenting. 

bottle-experiments bottle-experiment-close-up

But – I do want to try a votive/vase idea … just to see.  This will be going in the kiln within the next few days:


And, I’ve gotten around to trying some metal inclusions (copper and aluminum) with enamel.  Before and after … Hmmmm.  Again, more experimenting required.

metal-experiment-before  metal-inclusions-before-clo


Baby steps and determined curiosity … I’m all over it!  Smile

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