Flop, but it’s ok …

It’s all valuable learning … I continue to putter and play with recycled bottle pieces … The vase experiment was a total flop.  Oops – totally wrong temperatures.  I’m giving up trying that again (for now) as I think it’s a lost cause due to the nature of glass in a kiln (wanting to be 1/4 inch thick) … I may be wrong, but … Anyway – pictures:

bottle vase exp - before   experiment-flop

I’m currently playing with bottle ring flowers … Hmm, maybe … still more tinkering to do:

more-bottle-experimentsw    bottle-flower

I’m also working on some new dichro cabs … love bling glass!


And I’m loving my new camera.  The zoom and clarity are amazing … Technology – very cool!  And Zeus is too cute, the handsome bugger!  Smile  I’m even getting some listings pulled together for the shops, thanks to the camera … Winking smile


Once I get through the weekend, I hope to play with papermaking next week – while the kilns are running … We’ll see.  But now, it’s time to get ready for work … [sigh]

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