Trumped! I win …

trumpedCaught in my cross-hairs and so TOTALLY mine!!! I’ve got DH (umm – by the short hairs) … He’s completely PIQUED by my planted-seed of building an ‘L’ (addition) on the studio. This means more ‘downstairs’ room for him … AND – more to the point – MORE studio room for ME!!!

When will it happen? No time soon …BUT – I’ve already got my new space laid out! A potter’s wheel, shelves and cabinets galore … and maybe an ELEVATOR … Cuz, you know – I’m not as young as I used to be … It’s good to DREAM!

Meanwhile – I’ve been playing in the studio.  Continue to work with recycled bottle bits.  I think I have an end-design in mind for this piece, so it’s gone back into the kiln for round 3 (with 2 more firings to go yet) … We’ll see.


And, here’s a little sun-catcher … Hmm.  What’cha think?  Done as is, or keep playing?


Lastly – I found some really old Fimo clay and played with making tags.  They’re still cooling down, but I think I burnt them!?!  While I did stamp them (applied SOME ink), they started out as WHITE clay … Oops!  (Before and after cooking):

clay-tags   burnt-tags

While the fam was watching MI: Ghost Protocol tonight, I was surfing the net and started playing around with Wanelo  … Uh-oh, could be some fun and addictive computer/insomnia time!

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