Weekend Wrap-Up, Pup watch – and glass

A strange weekend … Volume wasn’t out of control, but the cases were complex, along with some strange non-emergency complaints (“Can’t sleep” … does that qualify for an ER visit?  Then I should live in the ER!), and the ever-present flu.  Also had some crummy diagnoses made in the ED this weekend:  I hate being involved with nice people being told they have cancer … (reason number 86 that I am not nice – this way I can live forever …)  Oh – and I got my CAP Diary back … seems I get to be an advanced-level-nurse for another few months … Might just have to use that ‘glamour shot’ after-all.  Disappointed smile

Neo News=Pup Watch:  So it begins … my poor horse of a Neo, Mattie – is getting close!  She can’t make a move without one of us asking, “Is it time?” … DH made it through the weekend without having to assist delivery …


In the meantime, Mattie is hanging out in the studio with me today.  I’m working on more blanks and played with some basic painting – time to see what the kiln does with it …

    orange-blank      paint-trial

*PS – If anyone else doesn’t know … DH refers to Dear Husband.  I had to explain to him (the spousal unit) what it meant, as his first assumption was D*#k Head … LOL!  Which I [almost] NEVER say [out loud] … Smile

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