Puppy News …

The puppies are here … and so begins my next-level-watch.  I take the night shift (big surprise – I put that insomnia to good use) … The pups are doing great.  Momma Mattie is having a hard time of it.  So I’m private-duty-(dog-)nursing.  She had complications with delivery, was bleeding into herDSC02993 uterus, and is working to come back from that huge insult.  She is now (re-)defining a ‘finicky eater’ for me … if the moon is in the right place, she may eat hotdogs (but usually not …), same for liver … so she’s being ‘encouraged’ to sip at canine power-shakes … It’s not a lot of fun right now, but she is getting better.  With all of this going on with Mom, we’ve taken the pups off of her for now, which means we’re feeding the babies every 2-3 hours.  It’s a good thing they are incredibly cute!  Smile

As I watch over pups and Mattie, I tinker with some glass, but … they need me close.  So, I’ve started knitting what will hopefully become a pair of socks – someday.  A simple pattern, but enough to keep my hands busy.


Meanwhile, Sienna is still eating like a champ (thank goodness!) and growing by the day as we start to enter her ‘watch-zone’

I think I’ve managed to get 16 hours of sleep since Saturday … I’m glad it’s a little cooler, temperature wise, as it makes the coffee more palatable … Disappointed smile


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