Weekend wrap-up … grumble, grumble

So … I have nothing overly nice to say about the weekend – so I won’t.  At one point, a co-worker asked me about the ‘kinder-gentler’ me.  Without skipping a beat, I let her know I’d left her in Jamaica, and really needed to go back and get her!

I’ve just completed my CAP diary (ok – officially called ‘CAP binder’) … What’s that, you ask?  Not really sure.  It’s 10 pages of crap: tooting my own horn, describing how great I am – using as many college-bound adjectives and adverbs as I can that demonstrate I do my job … CAP stands for clinical advancement program.  Apparently, some Einstein-researcher claims that hospitals that utilize this process are more likely to be Magnet hospitals (desired places to work).  Yeah, ok, sure … I keep telling myself the next one I do will start out with something like this: “Dear Diary, I am such an amazing nurse – it’s a wonder they don’t try to clone me …” The really silly part – you’re ‘allowed’ to put a picture of yourself on the front of the book.  Here’s the photo I want to use … taken some 16 or so years ago, when those Vogue/Vanity ‘fun’ photo-shoots were happening:


Doesn’t that just scream, “I’m taking this very seriously!” ??? Smile Anyway … it’s done for another 6 months … so it’s time to quit grumbling.  But, before I move off the Nurse topic for the week, I am working on some nurse-specific badge reels in the studio.  I think they’ll be cute when I get them done.

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