So far – so good …

Cuz INSOMNIA is my friend!!!

It’s all good!  I’ve started my peacock bracelet … it was touch and go there for a bit, as I struggled to interpret/decipher ‘beading language’ and FOCUS really old eyes on tiny ‘lil beads, but I like what I’ve got going:

peacock-bracelet-progress     beaded-bracelet

I’ve glued my peacock mosaic – just waitin’ for her to dry.  Then I can add the border and ‘grout’ (with glass) to start round one of firing.  I’ve also gotten a couple of new blanks made:

mini-blank     summer-blank

WWU:  While I’m annoyed that there seems to be a reoccurring theme when I work Mother’s Day weekend (LIFE-SAVING Enemas … REALLY?!?), my family salvaged my celebration and … among other gifts and LOVE, I have a bouquet of flowers to enjoy (and PRESS!) Winking smile:


[PS – have decided I am taking Mother’s Day 2013 OFF WORK!!!]

We (okay, I) worked through the weekend frustrations productively and got flower beds weeded and the garden is tilled … now to get the veggies purchased/planted.  And [fingers crossed] – I think I’m seeing new growth on our Chayotes …Surprised smile

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