It’s Official – I’m ‘Out-There’ …

Yeah – probably that too, but what I’m specifically referring to … my site is published!  YAY!!  Here’s the link:  I know – it’s not complete yet (the shop), the gallery format leaves a little to be desired, and you have to hit your back arrow from this blog, but … it’s published!  Did I mention YAY!!  Smile

Clayton Hill Studio link

And now a request … if you’re a facebook user, would you please click this link for Clayton Hill Studio on facebook AND ‘like’ us … ?  Once we reach a magic ‘hit/counter’ number, we can have our own fb url/link.

Meanwhile – the studio has been productive.  Small mishap with my nurse plaque (burnt the image off … OOPS), but the badge reels came out nice.  Here’s round one and here’s a completed reel.

     DSC02664      badgereel

My coffin kiln is running with a de-bubble program.  Hope to have 2-3 night lights, 2 spoon rests and some new bowls soon.

DH has been productive too … He’s updating our surveillance equipment/cameras … here’s a shot of our family room (that doubles as the Neo whelping nursery when we have pups) … technology – I love it!


AND … (I know, right?!)  I got out of testifying for a legal blood draw (was not needed) … what a great week!!  Smile

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