‘Just’ Good Care … AKA weekend wrap up

Played in the sister ER again this weekend.  Amazing to me the difference a few short miles can make … different patient attitudes, complaints – general auras …

Also got to do a little bit of what I do well …  Had a severe respiratory distress patient who needed quick emergency care, and he got it.  Our team successfully stopped him from ‘circling the drain’ (actively dying) and got him back on the road to oxygenating his tissues. 

When I first started as an ER nurse, I was a trauma junkie … loved the adrenaline rush all the blood and guts could bring.  As I got older, I realized I liked the medical emergencies that can be corrected in the ER best … to see the hard work, rapid response and your knowledge base/skill set ‘save’ someone.

But now … I think I’m ready to ratchet down again … I think it might be enough to focus on just being good at what I do.  A sense of self-satisfaction, knowing that the patient/family got the care they needed …  No drama, adrenaline or life-saving required … just good care.

Studio news:  With the cool weather coming, I’m shifting gears to fall and Christmas (already?!?) projects.  I don’t want to give summer up yet … But – the plus side means I can run the coffin this week without ‘cooking’ everyone out of the house … Smile  Here are some blanks/projects in the works:  Future bowls and ornaments that I should wrap up this week; cabs for badge reels still in progress. 

      bowl-blanks-and-ornament-pr        dichroiccabs

And – as I look around the studio now, cleaning is moving to the top of the list!  Got to get this cluttered mess organized!

cluttered mess


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