Ideas, hamsters and crack … Studio update

Getting closer to putting out some new bowls and badge reels … both kilns running as I type.  Here’s the coffin loaded with a de-bubble run – future fall/Halloween bowls, a replacement ‘Caribbean’ and ‘Think Spring’ (vibrant, blooming-flower colors), and another large bowl (or maybe spoon rests …).  And the production kiln – loaded with dichro cabs (and the new ornament experiment) …

      loaded-coffin      dichro

I’m making slow (read: S-L-O-WWWW) progress on ornaments, glass-paintingbasically because I’m bursting with ideas again.  I’ve been a little bad (ok, a lot bad) this week and have been ordering from glass stores again … But, check this out.  Back to my painting on glass goal – I received a book today … Aren’t these neat?  The ideas and possibilities are bouncing around in my head like a hamster on crack … Now, if I can only tap into my drawing/painting skills  …

Got to be extra-productive in the studio over the next two days, as it’s going to be 90 degrees and SUNNY all day Friday … POOL DAY!!!


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