A good week …

This week was just what I needed … although too short, as we’re already to Friday.  But, I have my weekly chores done, so I can play in the studio all day!

Had a great night out with friends last night … dinner and drinks and a few hours to catch up on each other’s lives.  flintstonesSomeone is going to Italy in a few days, and I am incredibly jealous (!), but also hope she will bring back an Italian wine bottle or two … empty, of course!  Smile  Went to a Moose Lodge for the first time … as we were driving there, all I could think of was the Flintstones lodge, with the goofy hats and a ‘Grand Poobah’ waiting to greet us at the door.  Fortunately, no such luck.  Just a neat bar with fun people and inexpensive drinks.

Had some productive time in the studio … I have pictures.  Working out some design element issues with fused glass ideas.  Hope to figure this one out, as it could look stunning if it matches what I have pictured in my head.  DH completed another stained glass window.  I’ve been embossing metal  frames … and I made a larger ‘tree of life’.  I don’t like it in this frame, so I’ve asked DH if he will use it as a focal in a window … we’ll see.

new-fusing-idea stained-glass mini-framesembossed-frames  large-tree-of-life  tree-of-life-embossed-frame

Little Miss, AKA Rose Bug, who has been renamed Angel (Bug) is moving on to her new home next week. Sad smile  I will miss her and her silly puppy antics …


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