WWU – Nurse needs healing

I spent a little time last week working on an embossed metal frame.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any pictures to share yet, as I worked with spray adhesive for the first time.  There is definitely a learned technique involved – as I managed to get gummy/gooey/never-let-go glue all over EVERYWHERE(!) … my project (both desired and undesired areas), my clothes, my arms … What a mess!  I’ll work with my piece to see if I can clean/save it – but I’m not looking forward to it.

My (ER) ‘work-week’ ended on a sour note for me.  I’m feeling bad about a delayed diagnosis … What could I have done to catch it sooner?  What subtle clue did I miss? How to make sure it doesn’t happen again … I was chasing vital signs and pain, but the patient was complex, with lots of factors – including a tremendous level of stoicism muddying up the case … While the patient is getting the required care now – it was delayed (unnecessarily???) and I’m questioning my skills …

I’m taking the next several days for me … Dedicated time to get the creative energies working to fix this defunct mood I’m in – cabin fever (now that the cold has really hit), middle-aged blahs, and personal/professional blues …  Time to get my head on straight for my next work tour … Hope to have lots of cool photos to share later …


Image by: photosteve101

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