L.A.M. –

Life After Maggie … is tougher than I was prepared for.  I didn’t realize I’d be grieving this much.  And it hits me at strange times throughout the day/night.  But, I haven’t cried today, so I feel like I’m advancing through the stages.  Maybe I’ll even sleep a bit tonight … [Oops – there I go …]

[OK – so I didn’t cry much today …]  I did play a bit in the studio.  I’m working on an ocean tile (with irid glass).  Just about time to see what stage one of kiln firing does for it …


And, I have some requested – along with a few new – dichro cabs done; And my Santa Box is ready for final fire-polishing in the kiln:

recent-cabs    santa-box-pre-fire-polish

L.A.M. includes some new equipment:  That printer weighs a ton!  I have a special (training) date set up for next week.  Watch out digital images on glass –  I’m comin’ …



PS:  My Grandma continues to move towards recovery, at an 89 year-old-pace.  As a nurse, I am hopeful – while recognizing the huge obstacles she needs to overcome …

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