I would be excited …

But, I’ve spent the last few days with tech support, on the phone, on computer-assisted conference calls, and with actual house calls.three-fish  My fancy-pants printer did NOT want to communicate with my computer, at all.  Well … they’re finally talking – AND learning to play nice together, thank you very much.  (No really – special thanks to Patrick, Bruce and Bob!!!)

So, once I get a few more pieces of data/supplies, and a kink or two worked out … I’ll be making some pretty coooool stuff!  Just wait and see … [I’m also watching photoshop tutorials like a wild woman, trying to master some mid-level and advanced photo manipulation techniques … My brain is feeling mushy!!!]

As for actual studio work – I continue with the beach/ocean themed items.  This week it’s a trio grouping of fishes.  I’ll be adding some sandy/grainy frit along the bottoms and then we’ll see what the kiln does with them – but here is today’s photo.

And, I’m working on a special order wind chime (like this) … so the letters are cooking:

family sun catcher    letters in kiln

l will have the coffin kiln busy for the next few days while I fuss about in the studio.  We’re also getting the garden planted (finally!) … I still have this hole (where Maggie should be), but I’m learning to live with it.

And, my Grandma sat at the bedside, reading greeting cards yesterday.  What an amazing woman she is!  She continues to take small steps on the road to recovery …

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