I’ve been busy – and I like it!

I’m trying, re-trying and learning.  Let me show you:  Here are the fired pieces from previous posts;

ocean-tile-first-fire   trio-fishes-fired

Two coffin loads this week (Tuesday and today);

Tuesdays-coffin-load   latest-coffin-load

A close up of my first ‘palette knife’ trial (fingers crossed), peacock re-try WITH success (yay), and a new votive candle mold trial (didn’t quite work, but I think I’ve got it figured now);

palette-knife-trial  peacock  votive-candle-first

And the last of the photos – a few of my decal trial tiles fired.  Very promising!  I also sent the official trial tiles off to Colorado, so that my system ICC profile can be determined and set.  I’m so excited!!!

test-tile-pistons  test-tile-Maggie  test-tiles-decals

Grandma T update:  She’s writing notes.  In perfect penmanship.  And … getting annoyed when someone takes too long.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?  Smile 

WWU:  We experienced an unanticipated number of ‘full moon’ cases for a normal weekend.  The amount of wimpy and/or bizarre male patients was disturbingly high, too.  Even my own beloved DH has been somewhat of a ‘chuckwagon’ of late … It must be in the air – or, maybe it’s just that broken chromosome …  Anyway – I’m hoping we got it all out of our system, so that this coming weekend can be pleasant.  (Um, yeah – the actual full moon weekend … I know … [Sigh!])

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