Trying too hard … ???

So – I’m getting over my virus – slowly but surely – and maybe that’s why this week feels like it was less successful in the studio – my head is still ‘germy’ … 

I’m shooting for a large (17 in) blank … have used almost 10 pounds of glass and I’m less than thrilled with the results.  The first attempt was a disaster – somewhat salvageable (in pieces) but … the second try ‘worked’, but I’m not pleased.  The colors mottled together instead of swirling … Kiln too hot maybe? …  I’m inclined to think so, as I made another pink and Christmas blank in the same firing and both the pinks and the red ‘muddled’ – which is usually an indicator of toooo hot!  They are just blanks, so can be further worked or re-worked, but … ouch!  All the excitement and anticipation, only to open the kiln some 15+ hours later for disappointment.  It’s just no fun!

Latest blanks

Although – my first Christmas blank – smaller scale than above and cooked in the production kiln, DID turn out nice …

Christmas Blank

I checked out the local PMC store – it’s overwhelming in it’s ‘filled to capacity and then some’-ness.  Stuff EVERYWHERE!  A nice place to visit, but if I had to work there – I think I’d go nutty.  And yet – I feel it’s a success story … whether I’m right or not in my assumption, I felt like this was a couple who had turned mutual crafts/hobbies into a family business that supports households.  (A dream of mine …)

Did have better luck with the dichroic this week … including a group photo of cabs waiting for their final fire-polish in the kiln.

Dichroic Cabs

Also stopped into Borders and now am armed with several books to get myself up to speed with more recent web design … 2 books (or 1300+) pages of light reading … Smile  As well as a third book to learn the intricacies of tweaking/customizing wordpress blogs …  Books – another downfall for me!

And … (busy week …) I stopped at a local restaurant/bar – they’re willing to save their wine bottles and magnums for me!  Sweet!  I’ll be up to my elbows in soap suds and bottle scrubbers in no time!    Speaking of which – I did get several bottles cleaned up – some interesting ones too – the Patron and EJ Gallo have potential for being pretty neat.  Note the large blue magnum … yep, I suffered for my art … and now I have the bottle to slump!  (For the record – THAT blue bottle was the only thing I drank – the others aren’t mine … HONEST!! Smile )

  Bottles for Slumping

Tomorrow will be all about errands and tasks to prepare for the weekend … apparently the maid’s been sick and nobody’s done any laundry!  Go figure!! 

Leaving with a photo of Tunie (Petunia), our smiling Yorkie, who was ‘roughing it’ on the recliner last night, waiting for me to go to bed  …


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