The kinder, gentler weekend …

So amazing to think back on how very painful last weekend was (the PTSD-style flashback dreams still haunt me) and compare it to this one:  The crazy, chaotic universe known as [our] ER still had it’s fair share of drama (darn 20-somethings, anyway), tragedy (patient/families learning in the ER about their new cancer diagnosis), frustration (oh – where to start THAT list?), etc.  But, I feel so much better, less mentally beat-up this Monday compared to last.  Why the change? … I’d like to think my ‘lil old yearly resolution played a part.  All of my coworkers know about my annual New Year ‘commitment’ … most will joke and ask why I bother, but – they talk about it.  We threw it around this weekend:  As I approached the nurses station with steam coming from my ears and a snarl curling at my lip, a casual “here comes Kinder, Gentler Kris” would at least get me sarcastically grinning, as I scratched a spontaneous itch on my eyebrow with my middle finger, and loosen the tension.  When our unit secretary was ‘ramping up’ – I threw it back at her … and although her immediate response was “That’s YOUR resolution, NOT mine!” – I think it helped.  We may have lost the never-ending battle against the flu these past two days, but we won the weekend with our sanity intact!  Smile

Meanwhile, Nay’s Little Man got through the weekend without me … being fed by John.  He’s hanging in there (Little Man, I mean.  Well, John is too, for that matter)!  I think he’s gained weight.  I could make myself crazy with daily weights for him, but I’m trying to keep the stress level low.  He’s definitely gotten ‘chunkier’/thicker.  John tells me that he woke up to feed him in the middle of the night because Little Man was whining so loud!  There’s my fighter!  Yorkie pups usually open their eyes around 2 1/2 – 3 wks old – so sometime this week … I can’t wait to see him, and for him to see us!

I have a long list of ‘should-do’ tasks:  I should make my yearly doctor’s appointment, so that I can continue to ‘enjoy’ a reduced-deductible health plan; I should get a hair cut; I should start organizing a years worth of tax papers … etc.  What I think I’ll do instead this week is tinker in the studio, start a new batch of wine, and play with the puppies!  Plus, I hear Michigan’s fortune-tellers (I mean weathermen) are predicting lots of snow … a good week to hibernate, I think.  Smile


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