The Name Game …

I’ve taken this week to decide on names for 4 of our 7 Yorkie pups … the three that are still nameless are Nay’s giant babies (compared to Little Man), who are just starting to open their eyes, and are still Monet’s babies more than mine.  So – let me introduce you to some of the crew:

Here is the ‘pup formerly known as Little Man’ … [drumroll please] … Yoda Kei.  The force is strong with this lucky one, hmmmm?!  The photo shows him chuggin’ down at one of his feedings.  He still hasn’t opened his eyes, but it’s coming …


And Tunie’s pups … now 7 wks old, and starting to take over the house … well, the kitchen, den and back hall, anyway.  Meet Griffin, Cooper, and Dahlia … “Wanna play?”  Smile


I finally have my big coffin slump ready to go (the one from last week) … it’s good that I waited, as I probably would have tried to combine this stainless steel (drape) mold with the ceramic molds – and wouldn’t have been pleased with the outcome.  I’m making another pendant light shade (with the steel mold), to hang over my glass cutting counter … when my electrician (yeah, that would be John) gets around to it …

DSC08625 DSC08627

And, I have a 5 gallon (30 bottle) batch of my favorite wine (Wildberry Shiraz) started.  Won’t be long now …


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