Procrastination … grown-up style

So … I’ve been dragging my feet.  I hate it when I procrastinate, but … DARN.  Sometimes being grown up and responsible just BITES.

Ooh – that’s funny.  I’m not talking about anything serious, like the 86 yearly competency tests waiting for me at work, or ‘working’ the tax papers or even checking on the kids’ bedrooms/homework.  I don’t want to take pictures (800 of them using the photo box and special lighting, just to get a few good ones) and sit at the computer forEVER uploading them to my online (HOBBY) shops.  But it’s been looming over me for weeks.  I HAVE TO.

Uh, maybe later …

I did take some quick pictures of my last coffin slump.  Had some nice pieces come out and some that I will cut up and start over.  Speaking of which – my Valentines blank looks like dukey.  ‘Prostitute Love – on Crack’ … if I made it into a bowl, that would be the name (at least in my head).  Anyway, I’m whining … here are the pictures:


Yoda Kei is opening his eyes.  He can’t focus them yet, but I like to think that he can see me … a really beautiful (yeah, fuzzy) version of me anyway.  I’ve taken a little slack for his name, but I think it’s cute – and it’s not like he’ll ever have to run for President or anything … Smile 

John and I have been laughing all week, looking at Yoda Kei compared to his siblings.  John’s convinced the other pups are half-Neo, they look SOO big.  He’s taken to calling the girls “Amazonia” (yeah, they have to share that name), and their (slightly) smaller brother “Kong” … He tells them they’ll be ready for sled-training in no time!  I’m glad their ears aren’t open yet … I’m sure they would need therapy. Winking smile

YK16days NaysBabies

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