Bad weather, good day …

We had a fairly impressive snowstorm today, the first of the season … during our show.  That was kind of a bummer, and made for a chillier than usual green house.  But, we still had a good day at Arts & Greens 2015.  Here’s our booth:


We also brought Gus with us.  He was a hit, and such a good boy!  I think we tuckered him out with all of the excitement.  Here’s a quick pic of him napping on my lap, staying warm:


I’ll be bringing a few ‘fresh-from-the-kiln’ pieces, so come on out and see us at Bogie Lake Greenhouse tomorrow …

thinfire-stencil-slumped tapestry-bowlgrinch-spoon-rest embossed-thinfire-slumpedpalm-tree-plate paw-bowl

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