With Mama in her kerchief, and I in my cap …

batman-nite-liteYep, we’re loaded and ready to go.  So, sure – I’ve got two kilns running with ‘last minute’ glass … DH spent the day loading our trailer, checkin’ the tires and telling me to quit ‘making stuff’!  (Umm … Never!!!)  But, look at what we made! 

So, later today, while we set up our home-away-from-home spot (kind of like camping) for the next 3 days … my kilns will be working.  Right now, I’m  moving these along for the next round and have this tile slumping … and … [Fingers crossed!]

coffin-load-11-20-15    embossed-glass-glo-thinfire

Stop by and say ‘Hi!’ if you’re in the neighborhood this weekend

arts greens 2015

Oh, and – don’t forget Granny!  Winking smile

beverly hillbillies

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