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I’m so ADULTing …

Crossing so many things of my dreaded to do list!  BAM!!  Charge nurse on Monday (although I was droopy-eyed-tired and a tad irritable Monday morning – thank goodness for a great crew!!)  Thanks guys! ACLS pre-testing done.  Next up: the re-cert class… Read More

Interesting, frustrating, painful … you decide

So, I’ve had 3 kilns running for the last few days.  My experiments were … interesting and frustrating, but have potential … maybe.  I also have a few other ideas to try.     And, I have some sweet dichro (jewelry) pieces almost… Read More

Watch out Walmart … here I come

Yet another brutal weekend in the ER.  Seemed like everyone was trying to test my resolve to stick with my New Year Resolution … I didn’t fair well.  From unbelievably immature kids (who are about to become parents in a few short months!!)… Read More