I’m so ADULTing …

Crossing so many things of my dreaded to do list!  BAM!! 

  • Charge nurse on Monday (although I was droopy-eyed-tired and a tad irritable Monday morning – thank goodness for a great crew!!)  Thanks guys!
  • ACLS pre-testing done.  Next up: the re-cert class Friday MORNING (YUCK!!!);
  • A clean house and clean-ish studio; 
  • I’m up to date on nursing competencies for the next WHOLE 44 days.
  • Melon-fest this weekend along with a couple celebrations… 
  • And, I have a fridge full of food.  Nothing to do now but play in the pool, studio and enjoy family and friends (2 & 4-legged)!  Thank You Baby Jesus!!!

Plus, I’ve gathered up all of my ‘Love your partner’ photos (FB challenge):  30 years of DH and me … I have 7 ‘couple’ photos to show for it.  (There are probably a few wedding photos, but – I don’t know where that album is hiding …)


Now, I can sit back and decide which projects I want to work on in the studio.  Oh, and pick up my two crates of glass at Delphi … Happy Anniversary to me!

viktorI will leave with a handsome photo of Victor (renamed, as his look reminds me so much of Underworld’s Viktor) … he (Victor) doesn’t want any of the toys, he’s got his own stick!


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