Down-time …

Got through the open house … It was a great gathering and I can’t thank my brother & sister-in-law enough, amazing food and indescribably helpful!  Gerard’s Catering – they’re awesome!

Unfortunately, DH and I stink at capturing photos … But here’s a great one of my 92 y/o Grandpa T with the twins … Awww!


Now that it’s over, I’m exhausted.  I’ve decided DH and I are definitely getting too old for whole house entertaining.  (The addition of preparing the yard/landscape, garage, tents and decorating … Gah!  Again, huge thanks to my in-laws!)  So, taking a day or two to crash.  ‘Course I work tonight (ER), so not much of a break.

I’m in between projects in the studio right now (code for kind-of in a slump).  Having finished up the load of night lights, I’m not sure which direction I want to head … ornaments, bowls, other jewelry projects, enamels, melts, something new … too many ideas and nothing ‘grabbing’ me … [OK, whine over – photo of night lights now:]


Next up … 12 hours of nursing fun.  Then I hope to have some pool-time.  That’s the problem – I’m going through pool withdrawals!

pool withdrawal

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